Finding a Supervisor

Domestic Students

Although it does not guarantee admission, selecting a potential supervisor is very helpful in terms of deciding on a course of study and structuring the Letter of Intent required for application. Domestic students can be accepted before finding a supervisor, but they cannot register without one.

International Students

As part of their application, international students MUST have a confirmation, in writing, of their RSI graduate supervisor and a guaranteed source of funding from a recognized international funding agency, a government scholarship from their home country, or guaranteed funding from the prospective supervisor.

How to Find a Supervisor

All students must find an appropriate RSI faculty member as their supervisor before the beginning of their program.

A supervisor must have an Associate Member SGS appointment to supervise MSc students and a Full Member appointment to supervise PhD students.

Choose a field of research that is of interest to you. Feel free to contact potential supervisors. Student and supervisor should discuss an appropriate research project, funding strategies, and review the general terms of supervision when considering an association.

When Talking to a Potential Supervisor

You may want to:

  • Discuss your qualification to become a graduate student at UofT such as your grades, research experience, and additional scores (e.g., English proficiency score)
  • Discuss a potential topic or topics of research and availability of funding
  • Discuss and decide if an MSc or PhD is your program of choice, and if there is a collaborative program that you would be a good fit for you
  • Ask the potential supervisor about their previous experiences in supervision, the number of students they supervised, an average time to program completion for the students in the past, and their supervisory philosophy
  • Ask to meet other students mentored by the same supervisor and discuss their experiences

Potential Supervisors:

The following is a list of RSI faculty who have funding and are currently looking to recruit students. Please note that this list is constantly changing so be sure to check back for more updates:

Faculty Member Description of research Looking For Contact
Gillian King

Topics related to (1) client engagement, resiliency, and outcomes in pediatric rehabilitation,
(2) understanding environmental qualities and client experiences in the context of various intervention
approaches, including solution-focused coaching, and (3) promoting the development of service providers’
skills and strategies, including listening and engagement skills.


Fiona Moola

Dr. Fiona Moola is a scientist, professor, and director of the HEART Lab at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital and Ryerson University. Dr. Moola is looking for a MA/PhD student to undertake QUALITATIVE & ARTS-BASED RESEARCH in VISUAL ARTS. Specifically, the desired MA/PhD student will do their thesis on investigating the complex relationship between children and youth with disabilities and the visual arts, in Ontario. The student will be utilizing an arts-based research methodological approach, to generate sociological knowledge by exploring the artistic experiences and artistic creations of children and youth with physical disabilities in Ontario. This will be a funded MA/PhD.

(Master of Arts)

Those interested, please send your CV and cover letter, with the Subject Heading ‘Paintbrush Study – MA Student Application’ to Nivatha Moothathamby at