RSI Strategic Plan 2017-2020

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I am thrilled to share our Strategic Plan 2017–2020RSI_Strategic_Plan_2017-2020.pdf

Global life expectancy and survival from illness and injury is increasing. The population we serve is aging and worldwide will be afflicted increasingly by non-communicable chronic conditions. This emphasizes the importance of function and participation in society versus a death and disease focused paradigm. Our patientcentred orientation, a longstanding value in the rehabilitation professions, is being championed like never before. At the same time, there is a great need to strengthen the substantive and methodological knowledge base for rehabilitation science, training and practice.

Earlier this year, I had the privilege of attending WHO Rehabilitation 2030: Call for Action, the World Health Organization’s historic meeting with over 140 stakeholders. The passion for global collaboration was palpable and there is great interest in our increased involvement. I cannot think of a more talented concentration of dedicated faculty and students than here at RSI. Together we are positioned to address these national and international challenges in partnership with our stakeholders.

I wish to recognize the time and contributions of our steering committee members and for our consultant, Jane Cooke-Lauder of Bataleur Enterprises, who guided us through this multistage planning process. Further, I wish to thank all the faculty, students and staff, who contributed to the surveys and data collection associated with this endeavor.

I am very excited about our collective interdisciplinary potential to address the major health, social and economic challenges of our century and look forward to working with you.

Angela Colantonio, PhD, OT. Reg. (Ont.) FACRM, FCAHS
Director and Professor, RSI

CIHR Research Chair in Gender Work and Health
University of Toronto
Senior Scientist and Team leader,

Acquired Brain Injury & Society Team,
Toronto Rehabilitation InstituteUniversity Health Network